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About Us

The Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center is a relaxing setting for groups, quilters, scrapbooking enthusiasts, scout troops, nonprofits, church leaders, public officials, family reunions, friends and anyone else looking for a natural locale with luxurious accommodations in which to unwind.


The beautiful 5,000-square-foot log lodge stands on 60 acres of wooded hills in the Kiamichi Wilderness in Rattan, Oklahoma, just across the Texas-Oklahoma border. The lodge is near Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. It’s an easy, pleasant drive from the DFW Metroplex, Gainesville, Sherman/Denison area and East Texas; from Fort Smith and Hot Springs, Arkansas; and from the greater Oklahoma City, Durant, McAlister and Tulsa, Oklahoma – and all surrounding points.

The Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center provides comfort and quiet reflection amid natural beauty. It’s the ultimate natural retreat center. Amenities include sleeping accommodations for 24 or more, three bathrooms, a large open living area with a stunning oversized stone fireplace, a full kitchen, a wrap-around porch and a hot tub. Enjoy panoramic views, cultivated gardens, a five-acre pond, three docks, a river, catch-and-release fishing, bird and wildlife watching, a stone labyrinth, trails for jogging, hiking and exploring, and a fire pit for roasting marshmallows. Farm-to-table group meals prepared by a chef are available upon request. To enhance your spiritual retreat, let us refuel your body with natural, locally produced and grown nutritious foods.

What People Are Saying

“The Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center near Rattan in southeastern Oklahoma was the perfect get-away from the concrete of Dallas. The beautiful large log cabin with the red metal roof sits in the perfect place on the property. As soon as we walked in, we instantly felt relaxed and happy to be in such a stress-reducing vacation home. The main living area was incredible with the pine walls, vaulted ceiling and huge stone fireplace. While there are bedrooms throughout the two-story home to accommodate a large reunion or retreat, we used only the first floor. The best part of our stay was the property itself. Standing on the wrap-around porch, our view of the five-acre lake was absolutely beautiful. Even better was the large creek that winds through the tree-covered hills. You can sit on the huge boulders or on small sandbars and watch the water flow across the rock- covered creek bottom. But the best part was that sound! So stress-relieving! There were trails everywhere on the 160-acre property so we had plenty of exercise just taking in the scenery. We’ll be back again with other friends next year, I’m sure.” — Mark Parsons

“I was the leader of an October 2012 workshop and retreat at Crescent Moon, and I could not imagine a more excellent setting. The huge log home is beautiful, comfortable and perfect both for private contemplation by individuals and for group gatherings. Crescent Moon is located in a quiet pine forest in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma and has a large lake in its front yard. Everything is conducive to meditation and quiet reflection. A large fire pit near the lake makes for enjoyable informal gatherings after the day’s work is done. Sleeping arrangements are optimal and the food is both healthy and delicious. I loved my visit there and cannot wait to go back.” — James A. Kitchens, Ph.D., Salem, Mo.

“I recently returned from a weekend at the Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center. A sense of peace and serenity permeates the entire environment. Watching the birds, enjoying the flowers that abound, and taking in the peacefulness of the ponds and quiet land brought an incredible sense of inner renewal. The lodge itself is warm and inviting and echoes the tranquility of the surrounding acreage. As a psychotherapist, I believe this retreat is perfect for weekend workshops. For families, the Crescent Moon is the perfect place for reunions or weekend getaways. Words cannot do justice to the palpable sense of coming home I felt while there. I plan to return and highly recommend this wonderful place if you are looking for a break from our busy world.” — Carol Smith, Zurich-trained Jungian analyst, Oklahoma City, Okla.

“Staying at Crescent Moon Lodge has been one of the most comfortable and serene experiences of my life! I’ve been there with family, with fellow counselors for a working weekend, and by myself to work on my dissertation! I hope you will take advantage of this exquisite get-away!” — Karen Lyon Lindwall-Bourg, founder of Rhema Counseling Associates, McKinney, Texas

“Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center is the realization of a dream for Suzanne Hales, its creator. My first visit to Crescent Moon caused my heart to leap and brought tears to my eyes. Crescent Moon sits tucked into the beautiful wooded hills of Southeastern Oklahoma, nestled in nature as if planted among the native grasses and trees. Atop a gentle hill, with a view of the lake and surrounding land, Crescent Moon beckons to retreat, to simply rest and stay a while.  Whatever burdens one brings from daily life, this place invites respite and renewal. Take the opportunity to experience Crescent Moon and come home to yourself; it’s a journey worth taking.” — Renae Cobb, Licensed Professional Counselor

“The Crescent Moon Lodge is a place of mystery. The labyrinth on the hillside, overlooking the lake, is a place to walk the ancient mysterious path that leads to the Holy and back into the beautiful countryside. In the center is a sold rock on which I sat with my friend and thought about the gift of friends, God and the universe. I hope you walk the labyrinth when you visit the Crescent Moon and experience the mystery of love and life.” — Pat Mahle, Jungian retreat participant


The Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center is a special, spiritual place founded by a woman whose life work has been helping people heal, achieve internal peace and realize their true potential.

It was created by Dr. Suzanne Hales, a licensed professional counselor, certified Imago Therapist and a Jungian analyst-in-training who owns and operates Counseling and Consulting Associates of North Texas in McKinney, Texas. Dr. Hales founded the Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center to provide a soothing, comforting sanctuary for the soul for anyone who desires renewal.

And it is here that Dr. Hales herself found a new purpose – a new way to offer her clients a healing path.

The 60-acre property has been in Dr. Hales’ family since 1941. In 2002, Dr. Hales’ mother, LaVerne Ewing, embarked upon plans to build a new home. The 79-year-old told her family that she was going to build a log house because she’d always wanted to live in one. Mrs. Ewing waited three years for her dream home – a 5,000-square-foot log cabin – to be constructed exactly to her plans, and she enjoyed living in the exquisite structure for five years before passing away.

The night her mother died, Dr. Hales sat on the home’s porch full of grief “wondering what will I do with this huge beautiful cabin?” Dr. Hales recalls. “Then, in the late hours of the night, just above the tree line appeared the crescent moon, and I knew for the first time that I would offer her home, her refuge, as a retreat center, a place of healing and comfort for those who would seek beauty in the world of nature. So the name of this place is the Crescent Moon, because the crescent moon allows enough light for travelers to see the next step, not enough light for the whole journey. And a journey it is – the journey inward under the light of the crescent moon to find the self, the authentic self.”

The Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center, set in Pushmataha County with origins under the Choctaw Nation, honors and respects the heritage of American Indians. A canopy of trees beckons visitors, who are greeted by the likeness of a shaman, symbolizing the first teachers and spiritual leaders. A river runs through the property of the Crescent Moon Lodge and Retreat Center, carrying the life force of water. The land features a large pond as well as a lake that is fed by natural springs, which also nourish the land. Visitors are invited to explore the entire 160 acres and appreciate the deer, eagles, turkeys and numerous other birds and wildlife that call the property their home.

“There is an old belief that one cannot enter into a sacred place and leave the same as he was before he entered,” Dr. Hales says. “My hope for all of our visitors is that they leave renewed and restored after relaxing and spending time among nature in this place of comfort and refuge.”